During my consulting career, both as a consultant at Immeo and within my company, ABW Consulting, I have had the privilege of working on diverse and challenging projects across various industries. These experiences have allowed me to develop and refine my skills in software engineering and cloud infrastructure management. Here are some of the notable projects I've been involved in:

Event-Driven Data Platforms

I was responsible for developing and maintaining an event-driven data platform system for a leading energy company. This platform ensured seamless data synchronization between the customer relationship management (CRM) system and a marketing platform. Leveraging Azure infrastructure, we designed a robust and scalable system that allowed for real-time data updates. This project not only enhanced data accuracy but also improved marketing campaigns' effectiveness.

Data Pipelines

In collaboration with a prominent manufacturing company, I was part of a group that built a data pipeline aimed at standardizing a vast quantity of product data into a single golden record. The solution was deployed in the Azure Cloud environment as an event-driven application. We utilized various Azure services, including App Services, Function Apps, and Service Bus messaging, to optimize performance and maintain data consistency. This pipeline greatly streamlined data management and improved decision-making processes.


I have experience in developing content management systems (CMS) for various clients, including private enterprises and public organizations. In both sectors, I have crafted CMS systems featuring user-friendly front-end interfaces, prioritizing effective content management and ensuring accessibility compliance. These CMS solutions share a common objective: empowering clients to efficiently control and distribute their content, bolstering their digital presence, engaging their audiences, and facilitating data-driven decision-making for organizational success.

In addition to these achievements, my expertise extends to the development of headless CMS solutions. In the private sector, headless CMS implementations have been instrumental in scaling content delivery and ensuring flexibility in adapting to evolving business needs. This approach, with its separation of content from presentation, enables seamless content updates and personalized experiences for end-users. By combining innovative technologies and best practices, my work in headless CMS development has contributed to a more agile and dynamic digital ecosystem, benefitting organizations across diverse industries.

Azure Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance

I played a critical role in maintaining Azure cloud infrastructure for a Product Information Management sysmtem for a large wholesaler. Additionally, I architected three integration designs that bridged the PIM system with third-party product data providers, all hosted on the Azure Cloud platform. These integrations facilitated the seamless exchange of product information, enhancing the ability to provide accurate and up-to-date product data to customers.

Focus on Back-End Engineering

Throughout my consulting career, I prioritized the development of my software engineering toolkit, with a particular emphasis on back-end engineering. This focus allowed me to design and implement robust, scalable, and high-performance systems that met the unique requirements of each project. Whether it is optimizing pipelines or ensuring data synchronization, my commitment to excellence in engineering is a constant theme in my consulting work.