My Software Repository

Repository NameDescriptionLanguageStars
anrs-main This project serves as a creative playground for exploring the capabilities of the Sveltekit framework. It's more than just a showcase; it's an opportunity to dive into the JS development, design, and interactivity while having some playful coding fun. Svelte -
Best-README-Template An awesome README template to jumpstart your projects! - -
ChristmasCalenderChecker ”CCC” is a Deep Learning project that recognizes the different icons on the Danish Quick Christmas Calder game. Jupyter Notebook 2
combinde-card-cardbacks Short project that combines PDF for easy printing of card and cardback JavaScript -
CompanyBracket-Zitcom No Description Java 2
deep-learning-face-detection- No Description Jupyter Notebook -
Gcode-Flex-gen Gcode generator to shape chaning 3d prints G-code 1
intro-argo No Description Shell -
kubernetes-katas Deliberate exercises for Kubernetes - -